Holy Sacraments



The Baptism, as the Confirmation and the Eucharist are sacraments of initiation. By the baptism, we are born as new creatures, we are  adopted as sons of God ...

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Eucharist (First Communion)


Through the Eucharist, the Christian partakes with all the community, in the sacrifice of the Lord, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world (Jn 1:29) ...

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A sacrament of initiation that unites more intimately the baptized with the church, and enriched him with a special strength from the Holy Spirit (Read John 4:34) ...

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Penance & Reconciliation


With this sacrament, one obtains the forgiveness of one's sins, thanks to the mercy of God; and reconcile oneself with the Church -the Body of Christ-, to which ...

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Anointing of the Sick


With this sacrament and the prayers of the priests, the whole church commends the sick to the suffering and glorified Lord to alleviate and save them (CCC 1499) ...

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This sacrament is the matrimonial union of one man and one woman, who’s union has been elevated, by Jesus Christ, to the dignity of a “sacrament” between the ...

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Holy Sacrament for Priesthood

Holy Orders


There are two ways of participating in the priesthood of Jesus, that flow from the baptismal grace of all Christians. The first is the common priesthood to which all baptized and confirmed are consecrated. The second is the ministerial priesthood, through the Sacrament of the Order, which is at the service of the common priesthood, a means in which Jesus Christ unceasingly builds his Church ...

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